what about a festival that has a significant online component? adam already talked about streaming it for those not physically there. there are plenty of ways we could do this, including online performances & galleries & chat. we could also use UpStage, which is software made in NZ by douglas bagnall & avatar body collision - for online performance, but also more recently it's been used to send live motion jpegs from events along with chat. (http://www.upstage.org.nz) & there are other apps such as the furtherfield live studio (which reminds me to give a plug for the dissension convention series of live gigs on these few days - next gig features me & vicki smith & others - http://www.furtherfield.org/dissensionconvention)
h : )

A festival sounds great, and best to work with .au (good thinking adam)
Though I would like to include, if at all possible, some activities in the South Island?
heck, this long country tends to harbour a very fractured sense of community...
and i feel at times really disadvantaged (invisible?) by geography in this networked age

as another way of approaching this task of community-building (and perhaps easier to achieve in the short term) I was thinking of suggesting a publication of some sort as an objective over the next twelve months, to be added on the agenda for this years symposium?
It might be a way of talking (and reading) about some of the content and ideas of 'digital art works in/by us of aotearoa' which so far seems to not be at the centre of online discussions (more newsy?)...and develop further the idea of what/where/why "it" "is"/we are doing?...interviews/reviews/new releases/pictures
And maybe a MUD? (i can set a new one up here at Uni of Otago if people are interested?)
I'm sort of thinking about the idea of a community hall, which in rural towns becomes a place where people meet for social events...ADA list seems to be more like the community notice board outside the store, sometimes smaller groups of people gather here to chat too.

Stella is the symposium also around the time that Vito Acconci is in Auckland?
I'm still trying to sort out tickets...falls during the second weekend of the Dunedin Fringe Festival and my son is in the circus...

look forward to seeing people again!

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