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I just joined the list (thanks, Caroline), and have been sampling some recent postings. I was interested to read Danny Butt's thoughtful and entertaining comments (3 June) about the recent Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) conference in Melbourne, which I also attended.

Mixing artists, programmers and theorists in the same panel (and conference) raises (and did raise) some interesting questions. Do you engage with the content of their presentation or with their language, assumptions and world-view? Should artists be programmers? Should theorists be expected to make art?

A discipline is a nest that we construct from the terminology, experiences and artifacts that surround us. It is our home as well as our point of departure. For some (or perhaps, for all of us in time), the home becomes a cocoon that seals us off form other ways of thinking and doing. As a relatively recent development, digital culture is still inclusive, porous, and permissive. Boundary crossing and transgression is encouraged (and may be necessary). You may wake up in someone else's discipline and wonder how you got there.

The one thing that attracts all of us to forums like DAC (and this list) is an interest in things digital.  We want to contribute what we've found and hear about what others have stumbled onto. We recognize the value in using whatever tools and techniques are at hand. We know we cannot manage very well on our own.



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