The Department of Screen & Media Studies Waikato University is offering two residencies for artists working with digital media available within the next five months. One to start as soon as possible, for a period of two months, the other to start in approximately three months time. Each residency will be for two months and a fee of $7,500 will be paid for each residency.  Artists interested should present proposals to either Sean Cubitt or Bevin Yeatman  as soon as possible. . The Department will provide an office for the participant. It offers access to a professional level television studio and access to digital audiovisual technologies including professional level computers and related graphics, audio and moving image software. The residency will be supported by access to technical consultation and appropriate technical support. It also offers a range of exhibition possibilities, including broadcast on local television (BigTV),opportunities for exhibition at the WEL Trust Academy of Performing Arts and the Waikato Museum of Art and History as well as connections through this institution to other art spaces. Finally the residency is able to offer access to university staff privileges and resources, including library account and email facilities.