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Walter Langelaar

 Media Design 

Hoahoa Pāpāho

 Victoria University of Wellington

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#Hey y’all
This probably is not, or might not be interesting for you personally, 
but you would do me a great favour to distribute this to people in your network..
It was an uphill battle to create such a position and we intend to fill it with the most amazing artist ever ; )
In advance, much appreciated!!!
And greetz y abrazos — 


I would like to inform you about a teaching position at KHM Cologne (Academy of Media Arts): 

A) We are seeking an artist who reflects upon the cultural and socio-political conditions of the Global South.

——> Global South has become an established designation that is used independently from its geographical meaning. The term denotes economic, political and cultural regions. It refers to the tangled histories of colonialism and a contemporary neo-imperialism, which exacerbate geopolitical power relations and the concomitant inequalities.
The candidate should have distinguished him/herself in relation to this field through explorative and conceptually proven forms of artistic praxis. The decisive criterion for the appointment is an outstanding artistic practice. Academic qualifications are desirable but not obligatory… 

——> Full announcement: 

B) Secondly ... on a more personal note i would explicitly mention that contemporary media arts, art & technologies, conceptual art & theory, digital art, game art, VR/AR/MR practices, Social Media, AI & ML, Bio Art, just to name a few  … Any form of art practice, be it technology & media related or not, as long as you consider it artistic practice you are good to go...

——> Please distribute

Thanks! 💦

Hans Bernhard
Professor for Networks at KHM Köln