Hi folks,

We've put considerable effort this week into optimising various parts of our learning code which will enable you to host larger networks on a single faucet controller.

We are also deprecating starting faucet with `ryu-manager' directly, from now on we'd recommend using the `faucet' and `gauge' scripts which will start all the required pieces of faucet, more documentation on using those scripts can be found here:


VM image:
Highlights for this release include:
  • L3: 90% drop in packet in rate, and 50% drop in packet out (offloading of down nexthops to DP)
  • L2: cold start learning optimization
  • Fix OFMeters in ACLs
  • Fix stack/non-stack DP combination
  • Documentation updates (including NoviFlow pipeline)
  • LLDP beacon service can default TLVs (including system/port name)
  • Document/docker use of TLS for OpenFlow
  • New standard FAUCET startup script (better multiplatform support)
  • Port level opstatus_reconf: False feature allows FAUCET to ignore op status on a port
  • Unit test coverage improvements