NZNOG November 2004
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The New Zealand Network Operators' Group
by Donald Neal
14 years

problems with NTP on bigben?
by Simon Blake
16 years, 10 months

Re: [nznog] [Inetnum object]
by Andy Linton
17 years

Re: SPF and mail forwarding (was Re: [nznog] Sendmail Question)
by Ewen McNeill
17 years, 1 month

Rescue from alligators in the swamp - note from APNIC
by John Tran
17 years, 1 month

Citynet, TelstraClear, Telecom, Orcon
by Joshua Brady
17 years, 1 month

IPv6 transit in .nz
by Lincoln Reid
17 years, 1 month

Outage Notifications in a standardised format
by Jamie Baddeley
17 years, 1 month

Request for historical info
by Barry Murphy
17 years, 1 month

RE: [nznog] What characterises an NGN?
by Donald Neal
17 years, 1 month
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