+1 for this suggestion.


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+1 for the 3 day SDN and the 1/2 day BGP techniques


On Mon, 27 Aug 2018 at 10:20, Dave Mill <dave@mill.net.nz> wrote:

Hi all


As part of NZNOG we normally offer a 3 day workshop (Mon to Wed) and a few tutorials on the Wednesday.


APNIC have the following workshops/tutorials offered at the moment.



We're seeking feedback (on or off list) on what people may want.


Note, most recently we've had a 1 day Network Security tutorial (Queenstown) and a 3 day MPLS workshop (Tauranga).


Ideas for next year:


-3 day Network Security

-3 day Routing I

-3 day SDN (5 days condensed in to 3 days)

-3 day DNSSEC


-1 day IPv6 essentials

-1 day DNSSEC

-1/2 day BGP techniques



Or, what else would people like to see at NZNOG (workshop and tutorial wise) that APNIC don't offer?


On-list discussion encouraged :)





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Liam Farr


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