Anyone can opt out of port 25 blocking. It's nothing to do with static ip or not. 

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That is correct, send requires authentication.
A bit of a pain for Xerox copiers that don't support authentication correctly.

Also, Telecom block outbound port 25, unless you opt out, and can only opt out on a connection with a static IP.

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> On 15/07/2014, at 17:43, Glen Eustace <> wrote:
> Here is the relevant parts of the email.  NB: The customer uses their
> xtra mailbox and POPs from it. But they have their From: set to the
> address below.
> OPTION 1: Keep using

> [...]

Doesn't require authentication while doesn't (but the connection must come from an Xtra subscriber)? Or something like that.

If you get your free Xtra email addy and use that to auth to I wouldn't have thought it would matter what the From email address is.

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