On behalf of Microsoft




Auckland (APE), Wellington (WIX) and AKL-IX Exchange peers,


Microsoft is in the process of refining our peering policies to better serve our customers and the internet community.  As part of this we are reaching out to peers for direct or bilateral BGP sessions, as we will stop advertising routes via the public route servers shorty.


If you wish bring up a direct BGP session with us, review our peering policy at www.microsoft.com/peering and request a session using the peering request form.  Please also ensure your PeeringDB record is up to date and has a 24x7 NOC role email and phone number listed, and only request a session if we are not already directly peered.


This change is a reflection of Microsoft’s evolving IX policy, and is in the process of being implemented across various exchanges.  The drivers behind this are many, and include more predictable routing, cleaner ASN path metrics as well as internal tool changes.



Thank you for peering with Microsoft.











If any peers have difficulty in achieving a bi-lat across exchange fabric please reach out to the CityLink team (peering@citylink.co.nz) as we may be able to assist with facilitation via our contacts within Microsoft.




CityLink Peering Team