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And the "customer demand" line is a bit nonsense. How are they measuring it? How would customers go about showing their demand? 

When I upgraded to UFB, I selected Snap based purely on their IPv6 support. Which, apart from not working for a little while, is still at least trying.

When I called Spark to cancel ADSL (after numerous years of fine service, I might add), they asked why I was leaving, but the CSR didn't know "what a lack of vee 6 eye pea support was, but it sounds technical so I won't try to get you to explain"; clearly it wasn't a selectable option on the termination form, and I doubt the statistics are being collected by parsing the notes fields.

The question is, if we can't convince the business end of large providers that maintaining their networks to support modern standards should be a reasonable priority, how do we convince our parents/friends/neighbours to move to a different provider for something they won't notice (yet, anyway)?

This is getting a bit off-list. I suggest we socialise this over beer Wednesday evening.