Hehe, to some degree that's why I do it. 

I've been running open wireless access wherever I find spare bandwidth or friendly network providers for years. Never had an issue and even with TICSA, there has been little interest. We, as per the OpenWireless.org T&C, discourage use of the network for heavy / illegal use, but encourage ubiquitous connectivity, and aim that no one is left without some form of connectivity. 

I have also been know to serve upside down, back-to-front images to people who abuse the services tho, and the block button (MAC based rather than IP) is handy. 

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Just had a quick read of their homepage.

Wont touch that with a 10 foot barge pole.


In New Zealand, if you enable your guest network in a router, you open yourself up to copyright infringement liability as your public ip address would be used by any guests running torrent software.




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I wanted to enquire for anyone who may have experience or had issues with people running Open Wireless Networks and/or have any particular view to the Open Wireless movement (https://openwireless.org/)?

Alongside this question I am interested in gauging how much IP Addresses are used as a token of identity for legal purposes in practice.


This for the purposes of research at the Law Faculty of Otago. My apologies if this is somewhat outside of the purview of this mailing list. Any insight gratefully accepted.



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