Hey Guys,

Chorus have been swapping cards in DSLAMs from NALT (ADSL Capable) to NVLT (VDSL Capable) throughout their network.
>From looking at the Chorus Planned Network Notifications for a cabinet in BSY (Browns Bay) I can see over the last 2 months they have been swapping cards with about 65 customers at a time.

Since this work began and customers swapped to the new cards we’ve noticed that some broadcom chipsets are having issues connecting with ADSL, it establishes PPP only around 10-20% of the time with 20 retries.
Sometimes the router can connect within 5 mins and other times can take up to 60 minutes to reconnect.

We’ve had Alcatel investigate and from our BNG/BRAS the correct PPPoE (chorus do the PPPoA conversion when used) packets are being sent to the CPE down the handovers however the CPE doesn’t receive the ConfAck in the negotiation.
Further investigation showed that the CPE was showing DSL sync but a downstream attenuation of 0, Chorus ESPM tool showed the same result, hence why the DSLAM may not be passing all the comms to the CPE.

Cisco routers have no issues, however routers we have seen this issue with are DLINK: DSL-2750B, TP-LINK: W8950ND, NETGEAR: DGN1000, 

While I have not seen this issue on any of my direct customers, I have seeing about 30-40 cases on a ISP we manage their network for.
Chorus have a case open for us though this has been ongoing for a few weeks now so just want to know if there are any other operators perhaps seeing similar cases?

Many thanks


Barry Murphy