Hey folks, 

We said in Rotorua we'd be keen to subsidise Apricot attendance in 2016. And if memory serves correctly it was for any of the diehard Noggers that always turn up to our conference. We must have had a rush of blood to the head at the time because it turns out we could do that and probably burn out the NZNOG Trust fund at the same time. That's not wise. 

Now that we've thought about it, what we can do is make 5K NZD available to those who $deserve a subsidy. What we have not worked out is how to define $deserve. But I'm sure we'll work that out. We can update you on that later. There will be some kind of metric related to how much of diehard Nogger you are I guess. Maybe in the meantime you could entertain the list about just how diehard you are. Perhaps the subsidies go to the ones who create the most mirth (whilst staying within the list AUP of course).

On a more serious note - just thought we should keep you updated, and we'll advise more a little later as things firm up.


Jamie of behalf of the NZNOG Trustees