It's a bit disingenuous to say that their network supports v6 if they're unable to allocate it to customers. That's just saying "we're running code on our routers built compiled within the last decade." Doesn't say much about whether their provisioning + accounting is set up for it.

And the "customer demand" line is a bit nonsense. How are they measuring it? How would customers go about showing their demand? 

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> I find that a depressing view. There's no reason for most ISPs why IPv6 should not be delivered on broadband today, especially from new market entrants.

I agree.. but how come bigpipe and Myrepublic both launched with a v4 only stack.

Via Twitter, Thomas Salmen comments that BigBipe's network supports v6 and they have the space set aside, but are not allocating to customers.

No eta, but "if customer demand is there we'd likely roll it out sooner":

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