My personal view is I personally doubt there will be much movement for the next 5+ years or even more unless the "killer v6" app comes out or something major happens like Facebook only supporting v6 from a certain date. There are fairly simple reasons why.

Most ISPs have plenty of spare address space and the retail fixed broadband market is pretty static.
Even the new players like bigpipe and myrepublic have managed to get v4 address space. And those two didn't launch with a dual stack. Why was that???
It's been shown that even the new players can survive with CGNat in the days of Section 92 without needing to log everything I presume.

In the mobile space I can see it happening. But at the same time CGNat seems to be working for them too.

Adding v6 you now need to think about how big the prefix you want to allocate to your customers. Probably a /64 will be fine for 98% of your customers but some geeks may want something larger for various reasons.
Now that every device is addressable and no NAT involved it's a non trivial conversation about securing the customers network and / or making sure you have a capable firewall to only allow acknowledged connections.

Companies like SNAP have now gone and switched off their v6 stack from non trivial issues. So we should really ask them why they turned it off. As that would really point to why the uptake has been so low.

For the vast majority of broadband customers they just want to plug the modem in and it work. How is v6 going to have any impact on what they do?

So my real question is. Where is the demand to uplift the whole provisioning, support and billing to support v6 where there isn't the demand in this country where wages on average and technology demands are low.

On 25/01/2015 1:18 AM, "Sebastian Castro" <> wrote:

On 24/01/15 11:54 pm, Jethro Carr wrote:
> Thanks for putting this together Lindsay.
> Anyone aware of a simular resource listing IPv6 for NZ’s major websites? I found some metrics and materials on, but they’re a bit dated (2013) and focus more on the volumes, rather than a list of NZ sites with/without IPv6. Ideally something like for IPv6 would be fantastic :-)

As part of NZRS' research efforts, the regular .nz zone scan checks if a
given domain name has nameservers, mail servers and web server with an
IPv6 address.

The attached image shows the status up to October 2014, and we have data
up to December 2014 when the last scan ran.


> regards,
> Jethro
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> Jethro Carr
> On 24 January 2015 at 16:35:56, Lindsay Hill ( wrote:
>> After last year's IPv6 issues, I was wondering what the status is of IPv6
>> support across NZ ISPs. I couldn't find that data in any one place, so I've
>> been pulling it together myself, into a Google Sheet:
>> This is primarily focused around residential ISPs, and the status of their
>> IPv6 support for 'regular' customers. I'm interested in three things:
>> * Is IPv6 supported - fully or trial?
>> * What prefix lengths are given to customers
>> * Are static allocations available?"
>> I've got data on 11 ISPs so far, with requests out for another 3. This
>> covers the majority of end-user connections in NZ. There are of course many
>> more niche ISPs, and I'm happy to add their info. You can see that support
>> is generally poor, which is probably why Google says we're only doing ~0.6%
>> IPv6 traffic.
>> Comments + Updates welcome. Once I've got a bit more data, this will
>> probably go into a more permanent home. If we get enough data, we could
>> break out into residential vs business vs co-location IPv6 support.
>> I am aware of at least a couple of ISPs that are doing IPv6 trials, and
>> when they go live, it will significantly shift the overall IPv6 penetration
>> rate in NZ. But those trials are still mostly internal only, and you can
>> only get on them if you know the right people. If the regular public can't
>> get onto those trials, then I think they should be listed as "Unsupported"
>> - too many ISPs have made noises about running trials years ago, but never
>> got around to actually launching. You know who you are.
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