Thanks for the speedy replies on and off list. To clear up one thing, this is a site to site VLAN. Only one site is supplied over UFB. The other site can handle up to 4096 MACs.


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Hi Dave,


For Chorus BS3a this is a UNI MAC limit, only MAC addresses learnt from the CPE are counted.


I believe (but don’t quote me on this) UFF and Enable are the same.





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Hi all


I know the answer to my question here is likely hidden deep in a PDF somewhere but someone on this list may know the answer off hand.


I see that Bitstream 3a has a 64 MAC limit.


What doesn't seem clear to me is if this MAC limit is a customer ONT port MAC limit, or a MAC limit for the entire customer S-VID. I had always assumed it was a limit on MACs that can be sourced from the customer ONT port but am I wrong? Is it a MAC limit on the total number of MACs that can be learnt over the entire customer S-VID (src'ed from either the provider or customer end of the link)?



Any feedback, especially this afternoon, would be very useful. Provider is UFF.


I am not really wanting to debate why someone would want that number of MACs over a BS3 connection and why some layer 3 should probably be involved here....






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