I have a Level One GVT-1000 SFP to 1Gbps transceiver that looks like it should fit inside my TrendNET TFC-1600 chassis system


Top is the Level One and bottom is a TrendNET known compatible (but not useful in this situation) media converter.

Has anyone got any experience using this hardware together? if so was is compatible / successful?

I can use it stand alone if it won't work but I mainly want to avoid blowing it up. It would be a waste to use it stand alone (and a lot messier in the POP) if I can use the perfectly good chassis already waiting there for me.

I will test it and come back with results if anyone else would like to know

Off list replies are welcomed.

Apologies if this breaches the charter. I had a read and felt it was close enough but happy to accept any feedback.

Also if somebody knows of a supplier with in country supplies of chassis / standalone TrendNET and Transition Networks media converters (fixed laser and SFP Types) could they please let me know off list.