Having been inundated with replies yesterday (which was great!) we’ve narrowed this issue down to a probable cause…


The new Chorus ‘Accelerate’ plans use Two Rate Three Colour marking on the low priority part of the service, which includes a low priority CIR of 2.5mbps.

The EIR above this, up to the low priority plan speed (i.e 100mbps, 200mbps, 1gig, etc), is marked as discard eligible with the VLAN header DEI(CFI) bit.


Collaborative debug/information sharing with Chorus, Fastcom, Callplus, Inspire and DTS has shown that Chorus is, in fact, forwarding all traffic from our handover as expected, but traffic marked with DEI=1 is lost/discarded in RSP networks.

The affected RSPs are discussing this with equipment vendors to find solutions or workarounds. I’m not keen to name names, as it’s the RSPs equipment, but if anyone has experience with DEI marking causing issues on various switches, I’m sure help would be appreciated.


In parallel, we are looking at disabling DEI marking, but being that this was an integral part of the new plans, I need to engage a few people around chorus to find a way forward here.  Considering some RSPs are consuming DEI=1 without issue, we don’t want to break things that they may be doing.  Not to mention this would be a change to a lot of our QoS policies, so need some sanity testing and deployment to production, etc.


Thanks to the RSPs involved, although I suspect we all have some work to do to get clear of this issue completely…





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I’ve only heard about it recently.

I’m investigating at the moment – instead of me running back via account managers to track down technical peoples details, can RSPs experiencing this email me please?  Particularly if you have some kind of test connection where you can push some traffic through while I debug at our end.


I have some theories, but I’m double checking all our configuration at the moment to rule that out definitively.  I certainly can’t replicate it in our lab.





Brent Marquis | Layer 2 Network Specialist

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Yes, we have the same issues but also on the 100/50 plans, not just limited to auckland pops, it's with Chorus, but they are scratching heads still, ETA to be confrimed, so far we have been waiting over 5 weeks for a answer.

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On 7/10/2014 2:36 p.m., Dave Mill wrote:

Hi all


If any RSPs currently have any reports of 100/20 UFB Right Performing customers having only 2M upload could you contact me offlist? If you do contact me I'm really interested in where your BNG is and where your customers are with the issue.


If any end users are on 100/20 with only 2M upload also feel free to contact me. I'm more interested in your location and your ISP in this case.





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