Brocade defaults to raw mode on VPLS (and tagged on VLL, go figure), but can be changed with a "vc-mode tagged" statement in the VPLS definitions.

I've never seen a problem with jumbos in (purely) Brocade MPLS networks. Note though that OSPF is touchy about MTUs, in that OSPF won't stand up unless all peers interfaces on a subnet agree on MTU. It's the usual story with OSPF: do everything absolutely by the book, making sure that mask lengths, MTUs et c agree, or OSPF will punish you severely for your carelessness.

-- don

On 27/05/13 15:03, Sam Russell wrote:
We've got a mix of Brocade MLX and Juniper MX chassis on our network and I'm working on getting VPLS standing up between them with LDP signalling (RSVP underneath for the base MPLS). Everything seems okay except for the odd quirk (Brocade can't do OSPF with jumbo frames, Juniper doesn't automatically strip VLAN tags when sending into the VPLS cloud) but otherwise it's standing up.

I just wanted to see if anyone else has this sort of setup, and whether there's anything I should be looking for that might trip me up? My logic so far is as long as I don't try and make the Brocades do BGP then I should be safe, is this about right?

Thanks in advance


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