Hi Matthew,
    there is most definitely fibre on St George's Bay Rd and Kenwyn St.  I was involved with a cross-city inter-site fibre connect (via Mayoral Dr\Airedale St).  Talk to Telecom.

Oh, you may want diversity if possible, as rats ate the fibre in the conduits a few months after it went in, causing an outage whilst over a hundred metres of fibre was replaced....


Paul Adshead
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On 25 May 2015 at 10:32, Matthew Poole <matt@p00le.net> wrote:
Hi all

I'm getting discouraging information on the availability of dark fibre around the bottom end of St George's Bay Rd in Parnell, near Xero and the Textile Centre. Seems that nobody has any, or at least nobody is mentioning any.

If anyone knows of dark fibre capacity in that area could they please contact me off-list.


Matthew Poole
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