Hi all,

As some of you may have noticed ntp2.ntp.net.nz and its aliases p2.ntp.net.nz and s2.ntp.net.nz stopped responding late on 08-07-2014.

This is related to a hardware fault with the NTP appliance, we are currently investigating both repair and replacement options.

As a temporary measure the DNS records for ntp2.ntp.net.nz, p2.ntp.net.nz and s2.ntp.net.nz have been pointed to ntp3.ntp.net.nz.

Information about these appliances and the services they provide can be found at https://ntp.net.nz.

If you need any further information, please contact us at support@nzrs.net.nz

Josh Simpson
Systems Administrator
.nz Registry Services
M: +64 21 783 399
P: +64  4 555 0124
GPG: 6516 B4EA 413B CAED 57B5 0956 124C 8AC3 A362 8080