I'd propose a tut on mobile friendly HTML email messages.

I'm seeing a growing number of very valid emails coming from government and corporate agencies which are very hard to read on my mobile device because they haven't been constructed to scale correctly and cause the client to render them in such a way to show horizontal messages while reducing the text size down to something unreadable.

Do we also need a tut on the importance and value of 'testers'? I understand that everyone here on this list understands the need for testers and I don't need to sell that to you at all, but are you confident to explain it to stakeholders in a way that gets the message through the fog that exists between ears?

I see this as an important issue moving forward with our society moving more and more to government information all being electronic.

To me, this is an operational issue because there is no validation to our work as network providers if the content the users are getting doesn't render in a meaningful way that causes stakeholders to revert to paper.


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Jesus Daniel that's a lot of advertising in your signature.

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+1 for SDN and another IPv6 course


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Date: Monday, 27 August 2018 at 1:20 AM
To: "nznog@list.waikato.ac.nz" <nznog@list.waikato.ac.nz>
Subject: [nznog] NZNOG 2019 Workshop/Tutorials


Hi all


As part of NZNOG we normally offer a 3 day workshop (Mon to Wed) and a few tutorials on the Wednesday.


APNIC have the following workshops/tutorials offered at the moment.



We're seeking feedback (on or off list) on what people may want.


Note, most recently we've had a 1 day Network Security tutorial (Queenstown) and a 3 day MPLS workshop (Tauranga).


Ideas for next year:


-3 day Network Security

-3 day Routing I

-3 day SDN (5 days condensed in to 3 days)

-3 day DNSSEC


-1 day IPv6 essentials

-1 day DNSSEC

-1/2 day BGP techniques



Or, what else would people like to see at NZNOG (workshop and tutorial wise) that APNIC don't offer?


On-list discussion encouraged :)





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