Hi all

First of all, I'd like to welcome aboard Go Wireless NZ as our naming and Platinum sponsor for NZNOG 2017. NZNOG conferences just wouldn't be possible without sponsors like Go Wireless NZ so I'd strongly encourage you all to support them.

Check out their website - https://www.gowifi.co.nz/

At the moment we haven't had as many sponsors come on-board as we would have hoped for. If you have been considering sponsoring NZNOG but haven't made contact yet please do so. If you know any companies that might consider sponsoring NZNOG please encourage them also. sponsorship@nznog.org is the email address for any sponsorship inquiries.

If we don't get more sponsors on-board we may have to consider raising conference fees slightly. We'd really hope to not do this and to keep NZNOG at its standard low cost. We have a $1000 community sponsor level available so even having a few more companies/organisations coming on-board at that level would help a lot.

We have a call for papers for the conference out. Richard Nelson posted this on Oct 13 to the list - its also available at http://www.nznog.org/call-for-papers .

We have just locked in our first workshop (23 - 25 Jan) and tutorial (25 Jan) and hope to have more options soon. We'll aim to release some more details on these soon.

Finally, we've had a few people book in accommodation at our venue nice and early which is great to see. A reminder, this conference is in Tauranga in the height of summer and accommodation will be at a premium. Some accommodation options are available here - http://www.nznog.org/nznog17/venue .

Look forward to seeing you next year.


(on behalf of the NZNOG trust)