On 1 September 2015 at 10:11, Jesse Archer <jesse@fullflavour.co.nz> wrote:
Does anyone from recent (last 1-2 years) experience have a ballpark figure of what it costs to run fibre privately in a rural setting these days?

Indicative price per meter for planning, consents, trenching, installing the duct and then blowing the fibre through?

If you want to use road reserve (which would involve planning & consents), first get yourself declared a network operator. https://gazette.govt.nz/home/NoticeSearch?act=Network+operators&soloRedirect=false&sortField=PublicationDate&sortOrder=ASC Then have an *informal* chat with the council about what you want to do before you start on the paperwork. Depending on where you're working you could spend between $20-40k/kilometre. 

If you want to use entirely private land and you have permission from the owners, there's no planning or consent required. Trenching costs vary wildly depending on the kind of land, how deep, how remote, and what sort of restoration is needed afterwards. You could spend less than $5k/kilometre using direct-bury G652.D under ideal conditions. Don't forget plenty of pits and slack loops.