After last year's IPv6 issues, I was wondering what the status is of IPv6 support across NZ ISPs. I couldn't find that data in any one place, so I've been pulling it together myself, into a Google Sheet:

This is primarily focused around residential ISPs, and the status of their IPv6 support for 'regular' customers. I'm interested in three things:

* Is IPv6 supported - fully or trial? 
* What prefix lengths are given to customers
* Are static allocations available?"

I've got data on 11 ISPs so far, with requests out for another 3. This covers the majority of end-user connections in NZ. There are of course many more niche ISPs, and I'm happy to add their info. You can see that support is generally poor, which is probably why Google says we're only doing ~0.6% IPv6 traffic.

Comments + Updates welcome. Once I've got a bit more data, this will probably go into a more permanent home. If we get enough data, we could break out into residential vs business vs co-location IPv6 support.

I am aware of at least a couple of ISPs that are doing IPv6 trials, and when they go live, it will significantly shift the overall IPv6 penetration rate in NZ. But those trials are still mostly internal only, and you can only get on them if you know the right people. If the regular public can't get onto those trials, then I think they should be listed as "Unsupported" - too many ISPs have made noises about running trials years ago, but never got around to actually launching. You know who you are.