Hi all,

Firstly I'd like to start by thanking the NZNOG community and in particular the Trustees and conference organisers for supporting REANNZ and the Faucet team to deploy a Faucet based network again for this years conference.

As seen by many young development projects, it's often a challenge to find places to get good production operational experience. Running the network each year at NZNOG has provided some great experience for the team and we've learnt lots each year. Thanks for everyones patience as we've got things stabilised.

So - some statistics from the network through to today:

* 1799 GB total data forwarded by data-plane
* 2,240,472,504 packets forwarded by data-plane
* 274 dhcp leases issued
* 169 unique mac addresses

Some slightly less common statistics that we get thanks to the new monitoring inside Faucet:

1,345,598 L2 learn events inside faucet
1.50 GB flooded by data-plane
79,785 openflow control messages sent by faucet
* 27,035 openflow control messages received by faucet

And, the contribution to the project thanks to running it at NZNOG:

* Two versions of faucet released (1.6.17 & 1.6.18) for required features and bug fixes
* 75 commits to git, 667 line additions and 238 line deletions
* 284 lines of faucet configuration (YAML) built as examples for others
* Three new engineers trained in running Faucet in production
* One happy PhD student who now has more data for his research project!

Thanks again to all for making NZNOG '18 such a great conference, looking forward to next year already!


Jamie Curtis

Head of Technology
Research & Education
Advanced Network New Zealand Ltd

M +64 21 392 102
P +64 4 913 6363 
E jamie.curtis@reannz.co.nz