You certainly aren't ... but I have not received the email you refer to... I'm going to be pretty cheesed off if my email fails - most of it comes to me via Paradise addresses.


On 31/03/2011 1:15 p.m., Dave Green wrote:
This is partly a personal request but my frustration level is approaching the red zone ..

I received an email from Telstraclear on 19 Feb advising that the email and dial up service was to be retired on 30th March. The message offered to forward existing paradise email addresses to TC mailboxes and an email address was provided to request this, which I did.

I've had no response to the email and three follow up calls to the TC helpdesk have resulted in a "callback" request being logged but no response so far.

So, I'm looking at all of my paradise email addresses being retired (supposedly as of yesterday). The latest call to the TC helpdesk suggested I email the postmaster at paradise to try and resolve the issue, which I will do, but I though I would try here to see if there any real people I can talk with to try and make sure my paradise addresses remain active.

I can't be the only paradise user left, surely.



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