Hello NZNOG'ers!

A quick heads up that I have closed down LocalCloud’s  VMware IaaS clusters in Auckland and Hamilton.  

For me this means semi retirement.  I would like to thank the folk here who have helped us along the way from the mid 1990’s through to today.  First with 2Day Internet, and then LocalCloud.  It’s been a blast, but it's now time for me to find other things to occupy my time.

I will for the time being continue to take care of the .AQ (Antarctica) ccTLD and a hand full of customers who migrated to Microsoft Azure.

We have some useful IPv4 net blocks we would like to transfer to another APNIC member.  Also available is a bunch of Dell (compute and storage) and Juniper kit (EX and MX series).  None of this is free, but I am keen to move it on so we can get our living room back!

Please indicate your interest by contacting me off list.

So long, and take care out there.


Peter Mott
+64 21 279 4995