Hi everyone.

I am posting here as a last resort and this isn't really relevant to to this group, but more than anything I am hoping someone here may have some more knowledge about cellular technology than me. I have a customer that has lost a fairly expensive Buoy off the cost of Otago and it's GPS has stopped working. Vodafone have confirmed they are still seeing it connected to their cell tower (2G only) but the Vodafone helpdesk people aren't particularly helpful when we start asking them about options for finding a rough location at sea so we have an idea where to look for it.

Does anyone know if it's possible to triangulate a location of a cellular device these days? Is there a cutoff distance from the tower that the device will no longer be able to connect (e.g. if there is this helps narrow the search area at least)? Does anyone have an contact details for someone at VF that might be able to help?

If anyone has any info that might help, please contact me off list.

Thanks in advance.


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