We saw issues between about 1920 and 2120. Twitter comments from a couple of parties indicated they had some major issues in Auckland in that time. No official word as yet but suffice to say it wasn't just you.


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On 17/07/2014, at 22:59, Alexander Neilson <alexander@neilson.net.nz> wrote:

Has anyone else been seeing their Vodafone Blue (Telstra Clear) BGP sessions expiring hold timers / flapping this evening?

We were experiencing the sessions timing out and dropping then coming back from about 6:50pm NZ till about 9:15pm NZ and looking at BGPlay I can’t see any withdrawals from when the sessions dropped so outbound traffic seemed to re route however inbound was at least partially black holed.

I tried to ring the faults team and got no answer, I have sent in a fault via email nearly an hour ago and no response yet so was looking to try and isolate who / where people experienced this and try nut out what is happening.


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