And to think - this is the reason I left Orcon :)

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Hi NZNog


Riding on the coat tails of the Stuff IPv6 post (which is really cool btw!).


Over the last few weeks we have been rolling out Ipv6 dual stack on the Orcon customer base. We targeted this brand as the CPE’s we give to customers has support for IPv6. (Some modems require firmware upgrades which we are pushing out). If this goes well for us, we will review Ipv6 for the other brands in the new year.


Currently just supporting ipv6 on the xDSL product range, with UFB coming in the new year.


Seeing some really good stats coming through on the APNIC Ipv6 Stats page ( – The 1 month view shows the best trend. Still very early days and I expect to see that number grow as CPE firmware gets pushed out and customers reconnect to get their IPV6 PD.


Feedback from customers has been positive :D


Any questions please drop me a line






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