On 30/03/2007 1:06 p.m., Stewart Fleming wrote:
Oh, and on your point about universities, I think you will find that most 
(all?) of them already peer. UoA, which is far-and-away the largest university 
in the country, certainly peers at APE.


Help me out here.  What incentives can I (as operator of a local 
exchange) now offer to a University to convince it that peering locally 
is a Good Idea when they have KAREN?  

It's the community sharing thing - get the big local content generators and consumers on there (City Council, University, hospital, local ISPs etc) and it should all work out.  Maybe do the big 3 free for the first X months and then they can see if its worth renewing / subscribing - if it's not saving them more than it'd cost to pass it through some pay-per-byte provider then peering isn't viable in your community.  Economics can be cruel.