In the real world you're allowed to operate any kind of school that teaches anything that you like and there are little to no controls on this. Restricting to government approved schools wouldn't reflect this situation.

On 22 July 2011 14:33, Charlie Bailey <> wrote:
There's a piece of me that just wants to respond 'why not'.....

But since you asked, my $0.02 (excl GST)...

The Communities of Interest described by the and are discrete communities imbued with a sense of I guess, trust or me, entities using those 2LD's for mail or web should 'do what it says on the tin', i.e. be schools or academic institutions.

To quote the moderation policy,

'The namespace is moderated to preserve the authority of health and
disability sector websites and email addresses, and to enable easy
identification of the Sector on the Internet. This will give people confidence that
they are dealing with bona fide health providers, improve security and privacy of
patients? health information and simplify the implementation of health and
disability sector networking'

I think the same principle applies to and  Furthermore, there are registers of schools and academic institutions maintained by organs of government ( that can be used as a reference for eligibility.

I'd also refer to policies around the use of .edu, and the like in other jurisdictions.

Without oversimplifying, I think it comes back to maintaining the integrity of the 2LD for its community of interest; I think there's an inherent requirement for that integrity to be maintained for these two 2LDs in addition to the currently moderated ones, an integrity requirement that isn't present for the remainder of the .nz 2LDs.

I do wonder what's official view on this is....

Quoting "Andy Linton" <>:

On 22/07/11  Fri, Jul 22, 12:01, Charlie Bailey wrote:
Which therefore begs the question:  Should the and
2LDs be moderated?


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