On 22/07/11 12:29, Simon Green wrote:
Me too. When registrations were handled by University of Waikato, .school.nz and .ac.nz were moderated. When Domainz took over admin of .nz, they were un moderated. IIRC[1], the reason was it was too hard to define what a school and academic institute were.

In reality, before ISOCNZ / Domainz took over, there was no "moderated" vs "unmoderated" dichotomy. All domain requests were eyeballed to some degree, as the updates were a completely manual process. In co.nz, they really just had to look kosher; other domains got higher levels of scrutiny, but there wasn't a really any formal policy around it.

When ISOCNZ took responsibility for the domain updates, and things started to be automated to a greater degree, the initial plan was to make all domains unmoderated, and that is what happened to most of the domains that were mastered at UoW. The domains that were mastered at VUW (govt, mil, iwi) continued to be moderated, primarily due to rearguard action by VUW and Government folk.

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