I think you’ll find that it’s not users complaining about the ads on the sites but, because they’re often loading up from JavaScript before the page body loads, they stop the rest of the page displaying until the connection attempts time out.  Staring at a blank screen for a minute before the page comes up will be what the users are really complaining about.

But this is getting a little off-topic so consider the obligatory +beer comment inserted. :)




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On 14/05/2008, at 4:49 PM, Vaafuti Alauni (Vaa) wrote:

> Thanks guys for your fast responses,
> some sites some of our customers are having troubles with are :
> sites within tv3.co.nz (doubleclick.net)
> sites within tvone.co.nz (tvoneondemand.co.nz)
> some links in yellow.co.nz and white pages.
> the specific ranges that our customers sourcing from is the

Your customers are complaining about not being able to see
advertisements on the TV3 website? :-)

Looks to me like your BGP advertisements are a bit wierd, but it's
hard to be sure from where I'm sitting.
For example, WIX has 202.68.86/24, and 202.68.87/24. Why are you not
advertising that as a /23?

APE doesn't have either prefix, or the /23. It does seem to have
202.68.94/23 though, which is in your /19.

Both appear internationally as /24s, no /23 - this means that those
other NZ networks /should/ see your traffic, unless you have some kind
of filtering in place. You don't have strict RPF or anything do you?

Do you have routes to reach those networks? I assume so, if you're
able to reach them from some of your prefixes.

I also notice that subnets of 202.68.87/24 appear on WIX - a /27 and
a /28. Are these the customers that are having problems?

Aggregation would be good while we're at it: http://www.cidr-report.org/cgi-bin/as-report?as=AS24183&view=2.0

I wonder if those sites are with (or transited by) telstraclear, I remember their transparent proxy causes problems similar to this in our network at times. I think it might even have been you (Nathan) that pointed out its existence to me :).

I ran into problems with it by advertising more specific prefixes at WIX. Since we got rid of that it seems to be okay.