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On 25 August 2014 12:22, Dean Pemberton <> wrote:
The CARDIGAN SDX system continues to gain scale in a production environment.

The team is proud to announce that they have redesigned the system to
provide OF1.3 multitable support which supports hardware with soft
reconfigurable TCAM.

CARDIGAN now provides a flexible controller framework which scales as
quickly as vendors are increasing their TCAM support.

With the current hardware (Pica8 3290 and Noviflow 1132) the system is
able to support up to 130,000 flows today.  The system optimises which
flows are sent to the devices which means that many more routes that
this number can be supported.  Being able to support hardware from
multiple vendors on the same framework allows engineers to deploy the
right hardware, in the right location for them.

In the early days of the deployment, there was concern expressed about
the ability of this SDN system to scale.  This framework now addresses
those concerns head on.

As can be seen below, the system is currently handling over 14,000
routes.  We're going to make some changes so that we can test out the
full capacity over the next few days.

noviswitch# show stats table tableid 2

--------Table id: 2
       Active count        :    14716
       Max_entries        :   131071
       Lookup count        :        0
       Match count        :        0

The patches to the RouteFlow system which enable these features have
been passed back to the RouteFlow development team so that they can be
accessed by the entire community.

Upwards and onwards.
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