If you want something rock stable then i recommend the Cisco 88Xg series. They are fixed interface devices with either xDSL/HSNS/Ethernet WAN ports and inbuilt dual SIM 3G. They have dual antennas with N-Type connecters for low loss external antennas if needed.

We have deployed these in the past for 3G failover on xDSL connections and they have always been extremely reliable.

-Laurence Bullivant

On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 3:34 PM, Darren Moss <> wrote:
Hi All,
We have a bunch of regional sites (weather probes) that run some equipment, 2 PCs and are connected to the internet.
At the moment it's dongle city which I would like to change over to something a little better :)
I am looking for suggestions on a decent (business grade) router with 3G capability an external antenna connection.
At each site, the equipment sits in a rack, inside a hut and signal strength is reasonable (3/5).
My thinking is to deploy a basic Cisco router with a 3G WIC then an external antenna on the same mast where we collect weather data.
Happy to hear suggestions and input.
Many thanks

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