when it's worse than most SLA's for international transit providers? For example:
etc etc.

As others have said, intermediate routers are designed to forward traffic not respond to pings. So really the only thing that matters is the result for your end systems under test. Beyond that there's confusion between identifying the problem and solving the problem. But you know that.




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Been running SmokePing for a little while now, building up a statistical sample, and wondering what's an acceptable level of loss to be seeing through the provider's core, both to targets foreign and domestic and also from the premises to the first hop in the provider's network.

Obviously I'm seeing a non-zero level (averages are in the zero-point-something range, but some of the maximums are above 0), so want to know what people consider to be the point where I go from "unreasonable customer" to "customer with a justified concern"?

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