I'm just about to jump in the same thing again, as my new employer is a microsoft shop I'm looking at building/procuring:

An NMIS virtual Appliance

A Nagios Virtual Appliance

There will be a 'Data Warehouse' in MS SQL Server that push/pulls data to both the appliance's. The Dev's here will then build a pretty frontend to this database. The device list is in DiamondIP's IPAM software, which does network discovery and mapping.

Jon, if your in Christchurch any time soon I can share my experiences with NMIS/Nagios/SolarWinds/etc



On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 02:19:03 +1200, Nathan Ward wrote:

On 30/08/2011, at 10:18 PM, Jonathan Brewer wrote:
Hi Folks, If you had it all to do over again, what would you use for network monitoring: Nagios, OpenNMS, or something else entirely? I care about availaility, latency, loss, jitter, and trap handling for interface up/down, loss of power, etc. Sensible behavior in situations where parent routers/links are flapping is also important. I would very much appreciate input from folks monitoring 1000+ network elements.
I recently looked in to this, and everything free out there seems to suck unless you have people full time building+maintaining this stuff.

Nagios appears to be the only free tool with almost reasonable dependency behaviors, and flap detection. However it doesn't easily handle SNMP traps/informs, and it doesn't (last I looked) handle multiple dependency trees either based on different layers of a network stack, or different collectors - I'd like something like that. It also involves lots of manual configuration.

There are lots of good tools out there if you've got 10 or so routers, and probably lots of servers.

I'm going to stick with Nagios for now, with some stuff to handle SNMP alarms, and probably alarms from spunk.

Nathan Ward
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