On Thu, 2014-07-24 at 20:30 +1200, Alexander Neilson wrote:
Probable that nobody can give you a final answer on it until the policy actually takes effect as it would work fine now. 

However you could contact xtra and ask. 

Probably good advice, so I gave it a go.

The first person I spoke to didn't know so I was passed on to another. The response I received was.

The 'send.xtra.co.nz' server will reject any address that has not been registered even if an xtra.co.nz address has been used for authentication.  To register such addresses, ring the Telecom Broadband Help Desk on 0800225598.

I then raised the question of whether the MFD photocopiers had been catered for as many don't provide a particularly feature-full smtp client.  The answer was "I don't know, please try it and see, if it doesn't work please contact us and we will try to get it working for you".

These were better responses than I had expected but still leave me trying to explain to our customers what they need to do.