The Zenoss' pricing model didn't suit us and to get our hosts into there was going to take too long

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I’m also in a similar position.


I’m currently using Nagios + a large amount of customisation but I have a few requirements coming up that Nagios won’t be able to do. OpenNMS is looking like the likely candidate but I also want to evaluate Zenoss and Zabbix. I hadn’t seen them mentioned here yet so I thought I’d throw the names out and see if anyone has tried either of them at all. Scaling is the issue I guess, Nagios just does it so well.




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Subject: [nznog] Nagios vs. OpenNMS vs. SomethingElse


Hi Folks,

If you had it all to do over again, what would you use for network monitoring: Nagios, OpenNMS, or something else entirely?

I care about availaility, latency, loss, jitter, and trap handling for interface up/down, loss of power, etc. Sensible behavior in situations where parent routers/links are flapping is also important.

I would very much appreciate input from folks monitoring 1000+ network elements.



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