Jay Daley wrote:
On 6/05/2011, at 11:16 AM, Blair Harrison wrote:

Hi NZNOG folk,

Is anyone else having issues with IPv6 connectivity to ntp1 and ntp2.ntp.net.nz via ipv6? ntp3 seems to be working fine.

With the ipv4pocalypse upon us, I think this is a prudent reminder that when advertising services as available via IPv6, you should probably also be ensuring availability of the v6 connectivity as well.. I think we're certainly now past the point of this stuff being "niche" or "test" :)

Apologies, it seems that we have known about this for a while but due to internal process failures this has not been fixed, despite being identified as only requiring a firewall change.  It will be looked at as a priority.

If it would make things simpler, you could always announce a date to shut down IPv4 access. '/'

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