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Three options for you:

On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 3:34 PM, Darren Moss <Darren.Moss@webhostnz.co.nz> wrote:
I am looking for suggestions on a decent (business grade) router with 3G capability an external antenna connection.
At each site, the equipment sits in a rack, inside a hut and signal strength is reasonable (3/5).
I've had good success with Netcomm units. This one might be appropriate if you have a rack shelf. They're not cheap though:


Two years ago I did broadband drive testing with a trunk-mounted Netcomm unit and was able to keep data at megabits per second in places my phone had no signal at all.

I have a fair number of Robustel R3000 units deployed at remote sites for SCADA, OOB network management, and weather monitoring:


In the case of the Netcomm units they're on a virtual private APN, and I push a /24 of my own 1918 address space to each. And the dual-SIM thing really works, and can be a lifesaver.

I also have a pair of Mikrotiks with the Sierra LTE mini-pcie card as sold by Go Wifi, they seem to work but I have not deployed them yet so I can't recommend.