On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 10:50 AM, Joel Wirāmu Pauling <joel@aenertia.net> wrote:
Linux Performance tuning for Network Workloads. There are a ton of
things like Aligning PCIe IRQ's, Workflows required for SRIOV/DPDK and
OVS performance. And how to adequately test and RCA issues with the
Network Stack. Tweaking sysctl, huge-page allocations and Processor
cores etc.

I know this seems somewhat 'not networking' but it's actually been the
majority of what our clients struggle with for the last couple of

Interesting. I guess I TL;DR this as 'Getting great networking from a *nix system'.

To ask a follow up question, who would be the best trainer on this in our part of the world? Would we want someone from Google, Facebook, etc? Is there someone who's an expert at this based in NZ? WAND?