Also, Windows Insider Previews for PC and Mobile were just released about 20 mins ago. These are full installs, so ~4GB for PC and ~1GB for Phone


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We’re (AS133075) also seeing large increases in traffic today which are predominantly Microsoft related.  Some is entering our network via our Microsoft peering in Sydney but a lot is coming out of Akamai/Microsoft caches within Vocus’s network so we’re seeing it as International IP transit which is a bit ouch!


Also this:



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Subject: [nznog] Large increase in traffic




We're seeing a large increase in inbound traffic levels today.


Appears to be coming in both over peering links and internationally. Right now it appears to be Microsoft related.


An AKL-IX graph shows it well -


Or the MS port:


Does anyone else have more information to add as to what MS patches or similar are causing this? And over what borders this traffic is entering their networks?




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