Depends on what your first house costs :)

We started on a Juniper MX10 as a BNG which should scale to a few thousand subscribers and should be a similar price to a nice campervan :)

You can then move to a MX480 or similar which would probably cost the same as a small house in rural NZ.

Both have worked well for us.

But yeah, as Gavin asks, do you need 1G or 10G? What port count and how many subscribers? Also, whether each customer is in their own VLAN or not will matter in the Juniper world.


On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 11:01 AM, Stan Rivett <> wrote:
Hi all

The time has come to replace my poor old Cisco 7301 and the quote I got for an ASR1002-HX made my eyes water. Still waiting for a Juniper quote but the general discussion seemed like similar numbers.

Are there any other reliable options out there that don't cost more than my first house?


Stan Rivett
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