From: Nathan Ward <>
Subject: Re: [nznog] ip ranges
To: nznog <>
Message-ID: <>
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On 14/05/2008, at 4:49 PM, Vaafuti Alauni (Vaa) wrote:

> Thanks guys for your fast responses,
> some sites some of our customers are having troubles with are :
> sites within (
> sites within (
> some links in and white pages.
> the specific ranges that our customers sourcing from is the

Your customers are complaining about not being able to see
advertisements on the TV3 website? :-)

Looks to me like your BGP advertisements are a bit wierd, but it's
hard to be sure from where I'm sitting.
For example, WIX has 202.68.86/24, and 202.68.87/24. Why are you not
advertising that as a /23?

APE doesn't have either prefix, or the /23. It does seem to have
202.68.94/23 though, which is in your /19.

Both appear internationally as /24s, no /23 - this means that those
other NZ networks /should/ see your traffic, unless you have some kind
of filtering in place. You don't have strict RPF or anything do you?

Do you have routes to reach those networks? I assume so, if you're
able to reach them from some of your prefixes.

I also notice that subnets of 202.68.87/24 appear on WIX - a /27 and
a /28. Are these the customers that are having problems?

Aggregation would be good while we're at it:

I wonder if those sites are with (or transited by) telstraclear, I remember their transparent proxy causes problems similar to this in our network at times. I think it might even have been you (Nathan) that pointed out its existence to me :).

I ran into problems with it by advertising more specific prefixes at WIX. Since we got rid of that it seems to be okay.