Agreed! Back-pats to those who have bothered to implement it. I know I base my purchasing decisions on it's availability.

FWIW we went through a process of finding co-lo package providers that would provide IP space, bandwidth and physical hosting for our PBX equipment around 12 months ago and one of the pre-requisites was the ability to provision us IPv6 space. I was disappointed to find that only 3 of the 10 NZ providers we approached were able to offer it! Most said "it's on the roadmap, but not yet". Some just said "no".

In the end we selected two of the providers that could, and we are very happy with the service from both. Hat tips to both Vibe and Unleash/Solarix; your IPv6 support was a significant part of what got you our custom :)

Server colo (or VPS') are a different market than home DSL or UFB, but I think it could be interesting & useful to have some sort of matrix of IPv6 availability in that sector too. And 'business' UFB/HSNS/VSDL etc too for that matter. I do hope my 30% hit rate isn't an accurate indicator...


On 26/01/2015, at 10:38 AM, Alastair Johnson <> wrote:

Nice work by FX. Keep it up.

(and good work to the others that are offering IPv6 as compiled by Lindsay's list - also good work)