Hello all and hope you are having a pleasant and successful term.   
For those of you were unable to attend our first general meeting on March 19th, our main accomplishments were introducing the aims of the association and passing the draft version of our constitution (http://www.mngt.waikato.ac.nz/pgsa/). Officers were also elected: Annick Janson, President; Gareth Llewellyn Vaughan, Secretary and Treasurer.
Since then, the executive has met with Prof. Richard Bedford, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) University of Waikato and Daniel Philpott WSU President to discuss options for affiliation and funding.   
We would like to hold another executive meeting shortly. Many of you have expressed wish to participate so we would like to hear from you!  If you volunteered at the meeting or you would like to serve as a representative for your school or Department, please reply to this message (include your faculty and full contact information).  Along with meeting regularly with the PGSA executive, we hope that faculty representatives will act as an effective liaison between the association and students and staff in their respective departments and will take on active roles in the pursuit of our common goal - to help achieve a better postgraduate experience on our campus.
Emily and Annick, Gareth and Ottilie