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Subject: FW: CURFs workshop -Thursday 11 February at 1.30pm



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From: Kathryn Parsons
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Subject: CURFs workshop -Thursday 11 February at 1.30pm


Apologies for late notice-some may have already heard about this but if you are able to send out to your Post Grads listing we would be happy for them to join the workshop

Statistics New Zealand are offering a free CURFs Workshop on campus this week.
This workshop is part of the Statistics for Universities agreement and aims to encourage usage of the data they have on offer in this package. Confidentialised Unit Record files (CURFs) are unit record data that have been modified to protect the confidentiality of respondentís while also maintaining the integrity of the data.

They have had good turnouts at other universities so far and are keen to offer it here. Participants will get hands on experience on accessing and using CURFS at the workshop.

The CURF to be used will be the "Dynamics and Motivations for migration in NZ" - after an initial description about the survey, it will be a practical workshop involving data extraction from the CURF. The statistics analysis package that will be used will be PASW Statistics 18 (ie the most recent version of SPSS)

Overall the complete workshop including introductory information about the Products & Services in the agreement and information about accessing CURFS is estimated to take around 2-2.5 hours.

When: Thursday 11th February 2010 at 1.30pm
Where: Lab 20, Waikato Management School
Presenter: Kirsten Nissen, Statistical Analyst, Population Statistics Unit

To reserve a place please advise numbers to Kathryn Parsons, kparsons@waikato.ac.nz

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